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[11 Mar 2004|10:51am]
woah dawg.
so incase you haven't noticed, this journal is a no-go these days.
i'm only keeping it up because it contains many fond memories.

and probably won't check in here anymore so, no i'm not dead. i'm just under a different journal now and have been for a long, long time.

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[19 Aug 2003|07:02pm]
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Feels like wreckless driving when we're talking. [15 Aug 2003|02:44pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i love how people asked me, over MSN, if i had power.. like.. !??! lol.

i figured i might as well do an entry before the POWER GOES OUT again. :D
how annoying. but apparently they're rotating the hydro right now so that certain regions and cities can have power for a bit, do what they gotta do, then it rotates to another region.. etc., until it goes back to normal. or something. i dunno how to explain it properly. fuck it.
i drove all the way to work this morning to see that the power was still out in st catharines and no one was at the office. so i drove all the way back home. i was kind of annoyed at first, but then i thought.. no work! *perma-grin!*
came home, did laundry, cleaned my room, took a nap, made a girlcheese sammich and now just waiting for KEENAN to call me and tell me when he's ready to be picked up. i'll probably have to drive all the way to NOTL.. buh. ah well. i'm just glad he took the weekend off. usually he helps TOM (who he came down here with) at his art shows, and help organize shit and sell shit, etc. but he took the weekend off so he could just hang ut with me, how shweet.
a downfall in plans though for tonight: we were suppose to go up to burlington to EAMON's party.. but since the hydro is said to be going on and off and all that bunk, i don't wanna chance it. they said on the radio to avoid highway driving especially the QEW. especially since cell phones get no reception right now, power being out and all, what if someone get stuck you can't CALL anyone? haha i'm just superparanoid. but hopefully we will get to see EAMON and SARA this weekend at some point? KEENAN will probably be sorta pissed that we aren't going tonight but i much rather be safe than sorry.
ugh. i'm bored. i hate the waiting game. i think i'm gonna go read and fold some clothes. yipee.

..we can't fight gravity on a planet that insists that love is like falling and falling is like this..

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[14 Aug 2003|08:19am]
[ mood | thirsty ]

holy moses.
i just drank 2 big pints of orange juice.
the doctors checked me for diabetes twice in my life because of how thirsty i am all the time. i've always been clear. i guess i'm justa thirsty lady. i bet i could outdrink anyone.

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She felt like an actress just reading her lines. [14 Aug 2003|12:00am]
[ mood | anxious ]

SO damn tired.
workd 9-6, talked to KEENAN for a bit.. he's coming down friday-tuesday.. yay fucking yah!
friday night we're going to EAMON's party in burlington. i finally get to hang out with SARA annarbor :)
i took a little nap and COURTNEY picked me up around 8:00.. went to say hello to COREY, then we smoked a few and went to the elbow room. AARON was working tonight, and sent us funny notes with our food. hah :D
COURTNEY and i had a nice chat today, and we split pizza and wings-so effin' good. i got mine made "bee's style". mmmm :P~
our waitress was sucha twatface though. so impolite and miserable.. "no tip fo' you biatch!"

k i'm falling asleep here.

..so she built a skyscraper of procrastination and then she leaned out the twenty-fifth floor window of her reply..

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Distance shows your silloutte to be a lot like mine. [12 Aug 2003|10:52pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

i love laying in my bed and watching tv. it's so comfy. just watching the end of law and order now. sucha great show. i love crime and law shows. i know i've said that a zillion times before, but i'm gonna keep on saying it. sue me. (har har)

DAN stopped by for a bit tonight. smoked a few bowls, had a good talk like always. was gonna meet up with AARON at work at 12:00 when he gets off from his shift but i have to work at 9am tomorrow so.. it's better that i get to sleep early. it's too bad though.. would abeen fun.

i dyed my hair earlier, black as always. my hair is supershiny lately. i think it's that dove shampoo i'm using-i love it. smells awesome too :)

my dad bought a mustang! a 1965 model. the exterior is pretty ugly, we gotta fix it up. it's metallic brown (blech) but we're gonna be fixing it up and painting it this nice blue colour with a black top.. mmm :)

wow i'm watching the news right now, it's so depressing. they just announced like 5 murders/deaths in a row. this world feels so unsafe sometimes. we all think were invincible but yet it can happen to anyone of us at anytime. it's really scary.

i got a lot done at work today. finished all of my phoning.. yay! so tomorrow i'll be working on some research for these companies that we have to contact. it's applesauce though, and not as stressful as calling over 1200 companies.. gah.

well, i think i'm gonna make it an early night and go read now.. then hit the sac. i love sleep so much it's sick. hah.
this entry was pretty bland and boring anyways.

..the sky was much clearer and the moon was so beautiful, that the ocean held up a mirror..

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So many spinny-eyed TV junkies. [11 Aug 2003|11:59pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

i just made some green tea.
we have so much tea in this house. i'm pretty much the only one who drinks it, too. we've got green tea, earl grey, orange pekoe, summer berry and peppermint. how's that for selection?

today went by pretty fast. in order to save money i'm bringing my lunch to work, and no longer buying smokes which will also help me quit i'm hoping. everytime i wanna buy smokes i'll just think "no no that money can go towards BC" ;)
i wanna talk about this.. BC situation. but not yet. i don't wanna get too excited incase it doesn't happen. i'll know some more after this weekend.. heh.

i finally got mum to sit down with me and watch wigstock tonight. she liked it. i knew she would, which is why i wanted her to watch it. hah. she was funny. she kept muttering shit at the ugly half-assed drag queens such as ..uh you forgot to shave buddy.. hah. she makes me laugh when she's in a good mood.

i haven't read before bed in so long. i need to start up again but by the time i get into bed all i wanna do is sleep.. just with the thought of having to work 9-6 the next day. man oh man i am SO looking forward to this weekend.

not much else to say, pretty uneventful day. but i feel good lately about stuff.. i'm getting my act together and shit.. and i'm making plans for the future.. or at least trying it out. wish me luck, and all that jazz.

..surprise is another bright light in my eyes, exposing all the stuff i'm not calculating enough to hide..

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25 things about me you should know? [11 Aug 2003|04:46pm]
[ mood | working ]

i stole this from minifig.. (i think lol)

01 - i have a real hard time walking in high heels. near impossible.
02 - i have really nice fingernails, i don't have to do anything with'em
03 - i always walk with my hands in my sweater/jacket pockets
04 - i only wear powder and mascara.. sometimes blush
05 - i use to be an awesome basketball/hockey player. hah.
06 - i grew up with mostly male friends
07 - i've had surgery twice, both times NOT being put out :/
08 - i used to dance.. jazz and hip hop lofl. gah.
09 - i've taken out all of my piercings over the past year except my nostril, labret, navel and ears
10 - i met silverchair and intereviewed daniel johns-tres cool
11 - i met the boy i'm in love with from FaceTheJury haha. so weird.
12 - once upon a time my bedroom walls were covered with hanson posters
13 - my first real boyfriend lasted 4 years
14 - i used to be vegetarian
15 - i rather have just a few very close friends rather than many half-assed friends.
16 - i'm honest and blunt. some people don't like that though.
17 - i can play keyboard/piano by ear
18 - i'm obsessed with drag queens, and i know a few
19 - i watch wigstock almost daily and aaron and i quote it religiously
20 - i was born catholic but no longer follow organized religions
21 - i'm very picky in a partner
22 - i still have and wear my converse allstars from grade 9 they're still in great shape
23 - i only hate one thing about me. my nose. it's a fuckin ski slope :D lol
24 - i don't trust many people
25 - i like to draw on myself

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Somebody and their spraypaint got too close. [11 Aug 2003|12:42am]
[ mood | content ]

well, i was awoken today by the sweetest voice in the world. the voice of my sparkleheart. KEENAN is home :)
he called me today, we talked for a good while and he told me all about his trip and it makes me want ot move to BC even more, which actually.. well i'm not getting into that at this time.. but let's just say.. i have some saving money to do ;) *eeeeee*
then, well to make a longish story short-SARA knows EAMON who went to school in stoney creek with KEENAN. i didn't know SARA knew him until a few days ago.. and anyways i mentioned that we should all hang out. she mentioned it to EAMON and he got so excited he was dancing on the phone haha.. how cute. this kids so adorable.. and he has awesome blonde dreads. *swoon!* anyhow, he told SARA he wanted to call me to invite KEENAN and i to his house party next weekend.. so he called and man this boy is so funny and cute. we were makin eachother howl on the phone. we've only met twice, real quick, when i used to pick up KEENAN at his palce in stoney creek on the weekends during the winter. i haven't told KEENAN yet but i know he'll be fucking way too excited when he hears this! yay :)

i went to MEGZ tonight, smoked a few bowls with her and JOE who i haven't seen in way too long. over a year, maybe even two. it was cool to see him again.

i hope this week flys by. i can't believe it. i finally get to see KEENAN this weekend. *beams!* i can't even begin to express myself.

..pawing through my pockets-the receipts, the bus schedules, the matchbook phone numbers, the urgent napkin poems..

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Got everything but "x" [10 Aug 2003|04:46pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

a: Ani Difranco-Heroine
b: Beth Orton-Stolen Car
c: Cat Power-Cross Bone Style
d: Duran Duran-The reflex (haha)
e: Elton John-Tiny Dancer
f: Foo Fighters-Everlong
g: Gorillaz-Clint Eastwood
h: Hanson-Weird
i: Interpol-Obstacle 1
j: Jane's Addiction-True Nature
k: Korn-Blind
l: Liz Phair-Why can't i?
m: Manic Street Preachers-If you tolerate this..
n: Nirvana-Come as you are
p: Paz Lenchantin-TV Snow
q: Queen-Bohemian Rhapsody
r: Radiohead-Fake PLastic Trees
s: Silverchair-World upon your shoulders/Hollywood
t: Tegan & Sara-Living room/Want to be bad
u: U2-Still haven't found what i'm looking for
v: The Verve-Sonnet
w: Weezer-Getchoo
y: Pete YORN-Strange Condition
z: Zwan-Endless Summer/El Sol

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I bet you're wondering if the goddesses are all crazy. [10 Aug 2003|01:01am]
[ mood | drunk ]

worked 11-3. went by nice and quick.
after getting home i showered and JIMI called to see what was up for the night, he picked me up and we went to the LCBO to pick up what we needed. i bought some beer for AARON and myself. then we went to get JIMI's friend JOE (who is supernice-really cool guy) and headed to AARON's and ripped into the beer.
we started playing teh celtic cross drinking game. always works like a charm. but then we got into the TV.. two Just For Laughs GAGS episodes played back to back and they were pretty damn funny.
then we actually coaxed JIMI and JOE into watching wigstock. haha. like every other straight guy whom we mention wigstock too, they seemed really unsure. but they enjoyed it and thought it was really funny. haha. nothing beats wigstock.
EMMA and BRANDY came by, smoked us up.. then PEAKZ came by.
sucha fun night. gotta get together with JIMI again-he's too fun. so yeah, JIMI and i made a pact that if neither of us are hitched by the age of 25 we are getting married.. haha ;D and we even talked about what parts of our house would look like. the kitchen would be like an ikea-styled bar type of place and the rec room would have a saloon-type bar. even with the swinging doors! then i suggested we get a device to attach to the door so that everytime someone walks into the "saloon" through the doors you hear the infamous cowboy whistle and a wadd of tumbleweed rolls across the floor. ahahaha.

i just ate a lot. PEAKZ and i went by BK, i bought her a burger in appreciation for driving me through there. we're gonna try and go for dim sum on monday. just us two. we've never hung out, just PEAKZ and i. never got to bond. haha. so it will be awesome. she's sucha solid chick. i love PEAKZ <3

k man, i'm out. i can't take this anymore. i need my BED.

..i bet you're hoping that your heart will send up the white flag this time..

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Are we really gonna sleep through another century? [09 Aug 2003|03:24am]
[ mood | grateful ]

..my day first, but then be sure to read the bold print at the bottom!..

i had such a horrible day, but it ended off on an awesome note :)
work took forever. i was very tired. yadda yadda. got home to mum bitching and nagging about the usual shit. got into an arguement. bla bla.
i felt really shitty.. tired, sick of arguing with mum and really missing KEENAN. so i made some popcorn and went downstairs, curled up on the couch and watched wigstock. it made me feel a lot better. i love that movie sooo much hehe.
went to pick up my dad from work, and then when i got home MEGZ msgd me. she invited me over, JAY and MELODY were gonna be there too.. i couldn't pass that. i went to highschool with JAY, and MEL and i were really close a few years back until some stupid drama and bullshit went down, bla bla bla, and yeah. immature shit, and meaningless now. and i'm so glad i got to see her. out of any friends i've ever fought with, MEL and MEGZ were, and still to this day have been the only ones i really missed and still cared about because i knew that what had happened was so stupid and should have never went the way it did. anyways, it was awesome to see that we could forgive, forget, and move on. she was sucha great person and i missed her a lot! she looks so damn cute! :D
we all had a nice big talk too, about shit which rocked because sometimes with ppl there's that uneasyness of rewinding back to hard times and talking about them. but there were no awkward feelings at all. it shows that we've all really grown up. so yeah, this all made my day so much better :)
it's funny. life seems like sucha game or test sometimes. i had them as such great friends years ago. then i fucked up. i took what i had for granted. then over the past few years i found friendships with people who taught me what shitty friends are like. it was then i realized i had it good way back when. and now that i've rid myself of the bad ones after realizing what i want in a friendship, the good ones are back and i'm a lot more grateful, intelligent and appreciative of that and them. <3
so we all plan to hang out when KEENAN comes down next weekend.. some shrooms perhaps? oh hell yeh. hehe :P
we watched the movie southpark for a bit too, i forgot how hilarious that movie is. so stupid but so funny.
just got in, and KEENAN had left me a message on MSN. fuck! i missed him. URGH! but it said he msg'd me around 12:00am. BC is 3 hours behind.. thats 10:00pm.. i'm wondering if he was in an internet cafe that late at night or if he's home? awwww man i can't fucking wait to see him.. i love him like a fat kid loves cake! <3
well, work tomorrow. and then drinking with JIMI. so i better get plenty of rest!

OK OK so. TEGAN & SARA are planning to make a video for the song Living Room, although the record label won't give them the money to do it. but, they really want to! (who could blame them!? neatest song ever!) anyways, on their site they are selling tegan & sara-living room t shirts for $25.. they're superhot.. and whatever money they make off of that will go towards the making of teh video. SO GO! NOW! ORDER A SHIRT IF YOU'RE A FAN! DO IT! living room is sucha killer song and well.. i think a video for it would be awesome. come on. plus, the shirts are really fuckin snazzy :) kthanxbye

..and we agreed completely agreetly about most things 'til the sun set sweetly like it does in those paintings, the ones they hang in hotel rooms..

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this crazy little thing called love <3 [08 Aug 2003|08:25am]
[ mood | tired ]

one week today.. and KEENAN comes down. such an amazing feeling of relief. can you imagine being away from the one you love for 3 months? and they're provinces away? try to imagine it. crazy i tell you. i dunno how i do it sometimes.

AARON-have a GREAT night tonight with TOM. good luck. tell him i said hello and give him a great big hug for me. everything will be fine. i'm so tired i'm probably going to stay in tonight so call me later.

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My angel wings were bruised and restrained. [08 Aug 2003|12:28am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

today was so fucking l o n g.
tomorrow will be just as long, i'm sure. 9-6. again. ouch. but time=money so that's a (+).

as soon as i got home i cracked open some beers and refuckinglaxed. felt grand, might i add. ate dinner and did zip all.
talked to reanna, she's rockin-and way too pretty.
also talked to EMMA hidethesmoke for a few minutes and told her about saturday and drinking with JIMI silent_end. she had to jet real quick but will be calling me tomorrow.. so hopefully she can make it. but i'm superexcited to finally hang out with JIMI again it's been a long time. he's always tons of fun :)
everyone loved my hair at work today. that made me happy. everyone is loving it, and i sure am too.

i have a bit of a belly ache right now. i think i'm going to go to bed very shortly.

oh. i know this will be no shock to anyone but i redid my layout hahaha. i went for something a little different and i love it. LOVE it. yaya.

..hipsters unite, come align for the big fight to rock for you..

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I want to peel off my skin, let the water wash in. [07 Aug 2003|12:40am]
[ mood | amused ]

oh man today was a pretty good one.
i went into work for 3 pointless hours. went to the doctors, got a chicken ceasar pita for lunch-so fucking good.

and AWWWW i got a postcard from KEENAN today!!! *melts into a puddle of dana!*
he's doing extremely well :)
it reads:
hey Dana, right now i am in tofino, BC. it's on the west coast of vancouver island. we are camping in the rainforest here. there are huge cedar and spruce trees all around, and there is a little tent city all on the edge of cliffs right beside the beach. the weather has been perfect the entire time we have been here. the forest looks like the one from the ewoks. that movie was filmed not too far from here. we are hanging out with a bunch of really cool people from quebec, and have been having jams and campfires every night. i miss you, i wish you were here because you would love it. see you soon, love keenan xoxo

omg i love him and miss him sooooooo much! it was awesome to get a postcard from him, to know he's doing great and to know he's thinking about me as much as i'm thinking about him. i really can't fucking wait to see him. i get teary eyes thinking about it :o

after dinner mum and i went to the hairdressers. my hairdresser is so cute. sucha MILF. she's hot. and wears cute outfits and has a french accent. i <3 her. and she always loves doing my hair cause i always go in for something "funky" she says. hehe :)

AARON and i talked a lot tonight about some things, and we had a great night. we went for a late dinner at the flying saucer and our waitress was the cutest and sweetest thing ever. so nice and funny. then we went to the casino. i didn't gamble but he let me play 20 bucks of his.. i get so excited when i get to play video poker.. even if it's not my money. i like pushing the buttons lol.
A:"oh oh ok i need one more card of hearts"
*deal* ---> *spades*
D:"ugh. its a black upside down heart with a stem!"

oh man. on our way back up clifton hill in the car this 14 yr old slutty prostitot pretty much walked in front of our moving car with her thuggish boyfriend and we stopped real fast.. just missing them. she gave us this dumb ass face as if it was our fault, then proceeded to give us the finger. and because AARON and i had been quoting wigstock all night we both at the same time had the bright idea to yell out the quote.. *squeely drag voice* "how long does it take ya to put on yo face?" lofl. no one will understand but it was classic and ya had to be there.

so yeah. i got my hair did.

+7 <3Collapse )

..dress down get out there, pick a fight with the police. we will get it all on film for the new release..

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